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Meet the Studio

Hello, my name is Renata and I'm the owner of Studio! Our company uses the technique of instagrammable projects combined with the modeling of customer experience, we achieve an experience for your customer that is pleasant, functional, memorable and that still generates organic marketing through photos posted on social networks, creating the buzz that makes our customers get known much faster.

Le Jardim Arquiteta Renata-63.jpeg


Instagrammable Commercial Architecture Project

The customer is immersed in a memorable experience!

Branding Consulting and Instagrammable Interiors

Get a taste of our work with a much smaller financial commitment!


Visual identity

Update your visual identity with our team!


our projects


Our clients

Discover our projects near you!

What our customers say


"Surprising and charming to arrive at the [renovated]  office in the morning and find this delicacy by Renata Cortopassi!!! Congratulations Renata, you make the difference!"

Ana Paula Barra de Souza


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Need Inspiration?

Thinking about doing an architecture or interior design project and you haven't decided yet, I'm giving you 5786 reasons to decide!


On our Pinterest page, backed by about  40K monthly viewers, you will find collections of inspiring ideas for the most varied types of projects, just find the board that best fits your idea and if inspire with so many amazing things that we have separated for you.


If you've never used Pinterest create your account, it's an app/website designed for collectors and encouragers of good ideas, like us! Then click on the link below and follow us!

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