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The Studio

Instagrammable Architecture + Neuroarchitecture + Cost Benefit

Led by the architect Renata Cortopassi, the Studio was born in 2018 and in its 4 years of life we have already gathered more than 100 clients in the capital and abroad. Our culture is based on encouraging innovation and creative freedom, and our dream is to develop projects that take our clients to the next level, quickly making the house small, and enabling the expansion of brands - in Brazil and abroad.

We believe that through instagrammable projects and modeling the customer experience, we can increase sales through greater visibility, we can provide organic marketing with photos posted on social networks, which makes our customers known much faster.

We don't do "beige"!

Who we are

who is Renata

Hello, I'm Renata Cortopassi!

Architect, Brazilian, graduated from the University of Brasília (UnB), interior designer and Light Designer from the Progettare Institute, speaker and winner of the 2022 Business Women award by Sebrae.

I am the founder of Studio and I am completely in love with it, with our team, and with everything we develop here, which is contemporary, colorful, creative and INSTAGRAMABLE architecture! Memorable Projects!

Here we unite three project lines:


Neuroarchitecture + instagrammable spaces + cost benefit


But do you know what instagrammable space is?

It's the one that's so unique and different that it makes you want to photograph and publish it, and then it ends up promoting the organic marketing of your business, in addition to attracting content creators and influencers.

With more than 100 projects in Brasília and Goiás, I am the youngest architect to be published in the largest national architecture and design almanac, Anual Design.

I attended a year at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla (ETSA) - Spain, where I had an intense contact with Arabic and medieval architecture and urbanism, in addition to the Spanish culture and language.

Fluent in English and Spanish, ​Former junior entrepreneur at Concreta Consultoria e Serviços (UnB). ​ Graduated from the Arquitetos de Sucesso entrepreneurship course and enchanted by creative business, marketing, branding, fashion, good food and architecture.

​ Come and chat about your business!​

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