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Instagrammable Architecture, What is it and What is it for?

A newspaper came to me to talk about Instagrammable Architecture, a topic that is also teh Studio's specialty, which made me very anxious to comment. The problem is: they wanted a subject for residential architecture, and I'll tell you: it doesn't work!

I'll explain why, starting with "what" this style of project actually is.

Our specialty, instagrammable architecture, is a style in which we fill the space with scenography and triggers to create a super cool scenario that awakens in the client the desire to take pictures and post them on social networks! "OK, but what's the advantage?" The advantage is that with these photos published, your business gains visibility, buzz and organic marketing, always appearing on the networks and stirring up the public's curiosity. Do you know that place that everyone wants to know? That's it.

In addition, this strategy attracts influencers who can bring even greater visibility to the space. But it's not for everyone! It does not work, for example, for houses and apartments. It doesn't work because the main strategy of the instagrammable is to be completely different from your home, something extremely flashy, colorful and fun. A striking, memorable experience that ends. Instagrammable style is exhausting! There is no way to design a house, a place of long stay and rest in this style, because exactly the "stimulant" that draws pictures from visitors is what, when frequented daily, will generate stress!

Homes need to be a peaceful place, not a scenographic stimulus! The only place I recommend using scenography would be in an office or place to make calls for example, but never in bedrooms or resting places. And that's how I unfortunately frustrated the reporter from Correio Braziliense, but despite that I managed to bring some valuable tips and not leave him empty handed.

I am Renata Cortopassi, brazilian architect and I am available to get your project off the ground, we work remotely or in person wherever you are.

If you want to talk to me to discuss your project, please send me a message by clicking here.


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