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Branding: What it is and Why it is Essential for your Business Engagement

Motivated by the rebranding of the Studio, we will be talking about what for me is the first step towards consolidating an engaged company, and amazingly most companies don't do it right: branding. This is one of the reasons why I developed the commercial architecture consultancy, and all our clients go through it before the project, and in it, one of the things we evaluate is exactly the company's branding, or we end up creating or giving guidance when it does not exist or there is no awareness about it. So what is branding: Branding is everything that translates to the world what your company is, what it does, what its philosophies are, it is what generates a first impression and is what facilitates its identification in the world, for example: ⁃ Name ⁃ Logo ⁃ Colors ⁃ Sources ⁃ Voice and Tone (Speech/Writing Style) ⁃ Mission vision values ⁃ Purpose You've probably heard of them all, or at least some of them, right? Now I will explain why they are important by explaining my rebranding (that is, the moment when I completely redid all this material, which was now!). When I created my brand, I didn't even had a degree, and I thought I would specialize in high-end residential projects (nothing to do, right?), so I asked my designer for a sophisticated, refined, elegant and female logo, which would match this target audience and niche. And here you see what has been my logo until now:

Time passed, I got to know other areas, I discovered that I hated high-end residential, and I ended up finding myself in instagrammable commercial projects with a focus on creative projects and customer experience! Which is what I passionately love to do and deal with! But this maturing process and especially self-knowledge took 3 years to consolidate, and now that I've created awareness about it, I realized that my logo and my brand identity were confusing my client, because we weren't that company anymore! We were no longer the high-end residential architecture company, we no longer made sophisticated, refined and feminine projects! So why would I use a logo, colors etc that said that? So we changed: We are creative, intense, curious, daring, technical, innovative and contemporary.

This is what we need to be constantly evaluating: is our identity, our branding, in fact translating the essence of our brand? Is it correctly communicating who we are and who we want to talk to? Or are we confusing our customer? Are we attracting the wrong or right audience? My name is Renata Cortopassi, I'm Brazilian, Architect and I'm available to get your project off the ground! We work online or in person wherever you are, feel free to talk to me about your project by sending a message by clicking here.


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