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Studio Renata Cortopassi pricing worksheet

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The pricing worksheet that I use in my Studio, so you never make the mistake of charging the project per square meter and end up at a loss literally PAYING to WORK! 


Fill out the form below and receive, as a gift, a video lesson teaching you how to use the spreadsheet!

Do you know the best way to price your projects? I'll give you a hint: it's not per square meter!

If you want to know how I set the price for my projects (there have been more than 80), download my worksheet de pricing, 100% free!

In it you will learn:


  • How to determine the monthly cost of your office.

  • How to determine the cost of each project.

  • How to calculate your hours worked. 

  • How to include SUA remuneration in the price of each project

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AND​ I'll also give you, as a gift, an unprecedented class on how to use the spreadsheet! What are you waiting for? Download now! 


All rights reserved - @_arquiteturacomclasse

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