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architecture journey

with class

Day 1/10 - 7/10

Hi, I'm  a Renata Cortopassi!!

After a long time studying  and learning from experience I achieved the freedom to put clients on hold and decide which one to work with first, and now they are the ones who come to me. And I saw that I can help Architects who still go through this...

So I organized this Event  with classes completely online and 100% free  with the intention of clarifying  with the intention of clarifying  with the intention of clarifying all the difficulties that we architect .

I will speak at the event that will take place from 10/1 to 10/7 on my Instagram profile about Customer Acquisition, Pricing of your Service, How to Create and Strengthen your Personal Brand and a Importance of this , How to Professionalize your Instagram profile and Turn it into a Customer Machine, and much more...

I'll send you an email with the topic of each class so you can have your notebook ready to take notes! 

Do  a  inscr  ition_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cf-13d below

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