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Quick insights to professionalize your INSTAGRAM E captar more customers

Hi, I'm Renata Cortopassi, architect from Brasilia, graduated from UNB, interior designer from Instituto Progettare. I have a studio that takes my name, focused on building creative spaces and modeling customer experience for entrepreneurs, outside the box and full of triggers. In 2 years of graduation, I have already done more than 60 projects, being the youngest architect to be published in the largest national architecture and design magazine, Anual Design.

With all this experience, I decided  to create a project to accelerate the careers of female architects  who are completely lost for not learning the necessary skills to evolve professionally in college. In this project, everything you need to stop being a failed and unemployed professional to become a successful professional.


Just so you can get a taste of the past: how to capture customers online the right way; pricing in the best way; entrepreneurship; and much more!

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