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Be part of the new Class Architecture course class and learn EVERYTHING you need to always have new clients and manage your successful office!Registration open only until Monday 13/06!

My name is Renata Cortopassi.


I've been an architect since 2018, and when I was still in college, before I graduated, I had one thing very clear: I didn't want to be a "new graduate". I was terrified of it.

And I also knew that I didn't want to work for other architects.


I wish I owned my own office.


But there was a problem: I didn't know ANYTHING about entrepreneurship. 


I didn't know anything about customer acquisition. I didn't know anything about sales and negotiation. I didn't know anything about marketing and branding. I didn't know anything about financial management of a company.

If I were to open my office without knowing these things, I knew I wouldn't last even a year.


So, I did the only thing I could do: I sought to empower myself.


Still in college, I found a course on entrepreneurship for architects who already had an office. As I still didn't have mine, I asked the owner if the course would work for me.


And he said no :/


But I signed up anyway!


And it was one of the best things I've done. Although his course (which no longer exists, unfortunately) was not geared towards my professional moment, I learned many valuable things there.


I learned a lot of things that saved me A LOT of time and money. As much as I spent money I didn't even have to take that course, it was worth every penny.


Shortly thereafter, in 2018, I graduated. I already had a client acquisition machine in full swing, and, as much as I have gone through difficult times with a lot of learning, my journey has been very good.


With 3 years in the office, I have already done more than 100 projects and I have already been published in Anual Design, the largest architecture almanac in Brazil.

Untitled design_edited.png

But I'm not here to talk about myself

I'm here to talk about YOU.

I'm here to show you how YOU can also have a successful office, with new clients every month, and with quality of life.

I'm here to present you with an opportunity.

But first, I would like to say to whom the opportunity that I am going to present this IS NOT.


  • IT IS NOT for those who do not want to be an entrepreneur

  • IT IS NOT for those looking for shortcuts, and who think they will work little at the beginning of the journey

  • NOT for anyone who is comfortable with the idea of working clockwork, from 9 am to 6 pm, until they retire

  • IT IS NOT for those who are satisfied with the idea of having a salary cap and being stuck with it

If you fit these points, you don't need to continue reading. What I have to offer is not for you, and that's okay. Your path is another, ok?

Now if you


  • WANTS to be the owner of her own time, choosing when she goes to work

  • WANT to have financial freedom

  • YOU KNOW that you have to work hard in the beginning, but that, in the medium term, you will have a quality of life that will make you envious

So stay here, I can help you

Today, after almost two years, I am reopening a new class for my training in entrepreneurship for male and female architects, Architecture with Class.

Although the first class was a success, there were some things I wanted to improve, such as the structure of the classes and the platform. 


And today I'm finally reopening the Course, completely overhauled, with lots of new classes and MANY bonuses.

The Architecture with Class Course is a complete training in entrepreneurship for male and female architects.

It doesn't matter if you're still in college, if you've graduated and already have an office, or if you've graduated and don't have one yet. Architecture with Class is for you.

You will have access to the following modules:

Module 1

preparing the ground

Module 4

Marketing is the soul of business

Module 2


Module 5

natural seller

Module 3

Structuring your company

Module 6

leaving it round

And you will also have access to the following bonuses:

  • 1 hour individual mentoring with me (only for the first 5 people to enter)

  • Doubt-solving live classes

  • Contract and termination templates

  • WhatsApp group with all students from the new and old classes

  • Entrepreneurial routine planner

  • Target audience definition template

  • Brand essence template

  • Brand manual template

  • pricing worksheet

  • SWOT analysis template

  • Indicator Management Template

  • Competition analysis template

  • finance worksheet

  • investment planning template

  • Project proposal presentation template

  • Persona creation template

  • trading manual

  • Template canvas business model

  • Marketing plan

  • Business plan

So, with so many entrepreneurship courses for male and female architects out there, some for 3,000 reais, others that reach 6,000 reais, you must be wondering how much you will have to invest to be my student, right?

After all, becoming a student of Architecture with Class, you will have access to:

  • 6 modules with everything you need to have a successful office with new clients every month (2,497 reais)

  • Doubt-solving live classes (297 reais)

  • One-hour individual mentoring with me for the first 5 (1,497 reais)

  • Finance worksheet (247 reais)

  • Pricing worksheet (247 reais)

  • Contract models (1,197 reais)

  • Various templates for your office to run correctly (947 reais)

  • Community with other students (97 reais)

  • And much more

You're doing the math, right? I do it for you. 


If I were to sell you all of this for what it's really worth, it would be R$7,026. Apart from the experience I already had and the mistakes I already made, and that you don't have to make, which are invaluable things.


This is the value of some graduate courses in entrepreneurship that we see around, given by specialists who do not have an office, who are not in the market and many times even tried and failed.


I teach you what I DID and DO.


But now, as my intention is to follow my own method and prove to you that the course works, you will have the opportunity in this reopening of Arquitetura com Classe, to buy for much less, and this value will be increased with each reopening, so this is indeed a unique opportunity,which will be open until Monday, June 13th.

So now you will have access to all this for just

BRL 149.91/ month

in 12 installments, or 1497 in cash


And you don't take any risk! If you join and don't like the first few classes, you have 7 days to ask for your FULL refund, and I won't even ask why.

You might be thinking "but Renata, I don't have time for a course right now!"

I understand you! The life of an entrepreneur is really busy. That's why I give you 2 years of access to the course! 

What's more, the lessons are divided into 15-minute blocks, so you won't have trouble keeping up.

Furthermore, you will havetwo years of access to the course!

So, you don't want to stay out, do you? Remember: to have a successful office, being an excellent architect is only half the way. Being an excellent entrepreneur is also fundamental!


To train as an architect, you probably paid tuition in excess of R$1500 per month for 5 years. Compared to that, what is $149 a month to become an entrepreneur?


Now think about how expensive it is for you to graduate and open an office that will have costs without attracting clients, without feeling motivated, valued, successful.


I'm not just talking about emotional burden, just a monthly accountant's fee already revolves around 1,100 reais. Are you really going to stop investing in your dream of success and financial freedom to keep trying alone, beating your face and seeing if an hour will go?


The name of this is opportunity cost.


If you want to go alone, honestly I don't know if it works, because that's not what I did. But I know that following my path you can do it.




Let me take you to that dream of success? Don't waste time, sign up now!

All rights reserved - @_arquiteturacomclasse

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